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Saturday, March 15, 2014

I have a new GP

I have changed doctors...GP's, that is.  I was in a power struggle with my former doctor.  She is 12.  Well, of course she is older than 12, but she is very young and doesn't believe what I tell her.  If I do not manifest the symptom in her office, then they do not exist...symptoms like air hunger, head tremor, hesitation in my movements, burning tongue and throat.  I wanted to get a neurologist to weigh in on what was going on.  She would not refer me.  I called to get the results of my lab work.  She would not tell me what the specific numbers were, just that "everything looks fine."

The new doctor gave a talk on "Taking Charge of Your Health."  I thought, "Oh good, this is what I am looking for."  So, I scheduled an appointment with him.

I wish I could tell you he was different.  He pretty much dismissed my concerns.  What I referred to as 'air hunger,' he called a 'sigh.'  Really?  Since my head was not shaking at the time, he said it was a non-issue.  My psychiatrist takes me more seriously than that, but then I have been with him for more than 10 years.

But the new GP did bring up a valid point.  All of my weird symptoms are neurological, BUT there is nothing a neurologist could do to fix them...essentially, suck it up.  Well, actually, he said "live with it."  In all fairness, my psychiatrist had said these symptoms fall in the PITA realm...or, Pain In The Ass.

Something else the new GP said that was interesting was that my setting a goal to "Run before I die," may actually have been my own internal psyche's way of trying to heal my body of these strange symptoms...walking and running may ultimately even out the neurological noise that I am experiencing.  Okay, I can run with that.


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